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To all the members of POSENI

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To all the members of POSENI
Dear friends,
With this letter we would like to inform you about the course of the effort being taken
in this period in our Cooperative.
- after returning to a relative normality, these past few months, the work of our
researchers was intensified, regarding the implementation studies of the
infrastructure projects. Which means all that is required in order to begin at
some point the projects, accompanied of course by the most desired lottery of
the plots.
- however there has been an additional delay of the continuation of the studies,
as we had been rightly awaiting for the posting of forest maps in our area and
the pre- posting of the cadastre, where it was found that they affect at some
points our approved urban study. Our technician along with our attorney are
trying to solve these issues both for the plots that belong to our urban unit, as
well as the areas that are not in our urban unit (is outside the settlements)
where there are pending situations and encroachments but also because they
consider several of our areas as forests!!!
- specifically in the pre-posting of the registry and after an investigation carried
out by the competent engineer and our attorney:

 From our properties located within the urban planning area with a total area of
about 629 acres:

- it is attributed as our property approximately 615 acres.
- they are presented as third party properties or differences in boundaries
at 12 points of the urban planning study with a total area of about 14
acres and

 From our properties located outside the urban planning area (outside the
settlement) with a total surface of about 110 acres:
- we are attributed as our net property just 10,5 acres.
- Presented as forest approximately 58 acres (as public property)
- declared in the names of third parties (trampled) or differences in the
boundaries about 42 acres, for which we legally turn in order to clarify them in
the interest of the Cooperative.
- As a result, in order to preserve the efforts of all these years, we need to
defend our rights regarding the land which appear as claimed by third parties.
This will be easily settled in some simple situations through the objections we
have already filed with the Land Registry, but in many difficult cases it will
only happen by filing lawsuits against all those who have violated our rights
by illegally declaring parts of the cooperative as their own. The exercise of
these lawsuits is the only way because only by issuing a court decision or
drawing up a compromise settlement report we can be certain that the
encroachments from our neighbours will stop permanently.
Despite all these last news the implementation studies have advanced, having
reached in most of the studies, more than the 60%, having as completion and
submission points for the approval at Regional level, the end of the next December -
except of unexpected needs – so we will have the auction and quantity documents.
- We are making a great effort to be included to the NSRF program, the
financial coverage of all the γίνεται μεγάλη προσπάθεια να πετύχουμε την
ένταξη στο πρόγραμμα ΕΣΠΑ , the financial coverage of all biological
sewerage, water supply and irrigation projects up to the completion of
infrastructure projects. Should we succeed, our contribution to the cost of
infrastructure will be significantly reduced.
- A collective method is being made to forward our request to the government ,
in order to institutionally reduce to 40% the required total cost of the

infrastructure projects and to proceed with the final distribution of the plots.
Today with the current regime the 70% of the total infrastructure projects must
be completed, a cost that we will know almost precisely, with the completion
of the auction documents. We consider that we can achieve the above
(Inclusion to the NSRF and reduction to 40%), given the constant financial
downturn and crisis in the commercial sector, as well as the further income
reduction due to the pandemic. After all the construction cooperatives,
especially in this era they can make a decisive contribution to the desired
development of our country and mostly our area.
We believe we are now in a better situation, regarding the problem of the pandemic,
so unless something changes, the general condition will most likely improve. Of
course general problems, as well as ones in our industry, still exist due to the
alterations of the social and financial network of our society.
This letter has two basic goal:
- To inform you about the course of the Cooperative on basic issues, such as
course of studies, cadastre, forestry and others.
For your immediate briefing and for cutting down on the cost please send us
your email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact Cooperative on 00302810-341563.
Your payment can be settled in installments with a relevant deposit. Payment can be
made at the Cooperative office (where you can also pay by card) or by deposit in the
following bank accounts:
Pancretan Cooperative Bank GR81087009700000000 11001636
Piraeus Bank       GR220172751000 5751026581625
Εurobank                  GR5302600200000160201365808
Heraklion 18/11/2021

The President The General Secretary

Botis – Mathioudakis Panagiotis Giannaris Nikolaos